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Schooner "The Last"
Schooner "The Last"
Schooner "The Last"
F/E Racers - busy time in the pits
Great camouflage on this swamp boat
Unusual view of Challenger's bottom
Cake by the lake - 2017 Boat Show
Challenger - 2018 Boat Show
Sunken Hydrofoil detect & rescue
Clearly an amphibious R/C model
The Navy is in port at BP
Azipod tug drive testing facility
Superb scale model tug
F/E Racers and Jon showing off 2014
Steam launch 2016
Fast Electric Racers 2009
Fire Tender at the Boat Show 2009
Thames barge racing Boat Show 2009
Hovercraft 2010
Fast Electric Racers 2009
Model seaplane 2013
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Schooner "The Last"