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Welcome to the Club's News & Events page! Here you can read the Club's newsletter and planned events for the current year.


This year's "Events Calendar" can be found by clicking here >

Our Newsletter

The quarterly Club newsletter is called “Voice Pipe” and the latest copy can be found by clicking on the image below.

Back issues of Voice Pipe can be found by clicking here >

January 2024

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Upcoming Events 2024/25


Access to our facilities is available to members between 10am & 5pm any day. There must be at least two people present at all times.

 Every Wednesday 10am > 
Midweek Mariners - Starts Wednesday
6th March. Contact Tony (07772 447723) or Lawrie (07909 892966)
 Saturday 2nd Mar 10am & 1pm > 
Yachting: Fiesta/Victoria - Round 1
Handicap (Any type of yacht) - Round 1
Saturday 9th Mar 10am to 4pm 
Tug Towing & Scale
Tune up, free Sailing & competition
 Sunday 16th Mar 10am & 1pm
Yachting: DF95s - Round 1
IOM - Round 1
 Saturday 23rd Mar 10am to 4pm
Fast Electrics: Club 500, F600B, Wacky Races, Mono 1 & Run What Ya Brung - Anything goes - Round 1
 Saturday 6th Apr 10am >
Fast Electrics: Testing & practice
 Sunday 7th Apr 10am & 1pm
Yachting: Fiesta/Victoria - Round 2
Handicap (Any type of yacht) - Round 2
Saturday 13th Apr 10am to 4pm 
Tug Towing & Scale - Round 1
Free Sailing & competition - Round 1
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