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We have a very active Yachting section who build and race model yachts. Racing activities are organised into four groups:


  • Fiesta, Victoria & DF65

  • International One Metre

  • DF95

  • Handicap

Competitors are awarded points at each of the season's race meetings (Regattas) which are counted towards the Club Championships. Trophies are awarded for the Championship winners and runners up at the end of the year.

Please see the News & Events page for dates and times of Yachting Regattas.

Information on sailing rules, regatta scoring and race results can be found by clicking the links below:

Group Description

A description of the four racing groups can be found below together with links to additional information and class rules.


Fiesta, Victoria & DF65


This group comprises three classes of yacht, all of which can be built from a kit or purchased second hand. All three classes have a similar performance and are raced together.


The Fiesta is responsive and yet forgiving, can sail in almost any wind with one suit of sails and it will fit into the smallest of cars without de-rigging. What more could anyone ask for! Contact Alan Woodroffe at Schooner RC Group who makes hulls, sails, spares and sometimes has second hand boats for sale by clicking on the Fiesta photo.

Fiesta Rules >


The Victoria One Design is a simple, affordable, ARF sailboat manufactured by the Thunder Tiger Model Company, and distributed world wide. The kit's low cost, ease of assembly, and good sailing characteristics make it a great first yacht, while remaining fun to sail and race for old hands as well.

Please click on the photo of the Victoria for more information on the class.

Victoria Rules >


The Joysway DragonForce 65, or DF65 for short, is based on the Ice RG65 by Mark Dicks. Produced by Joysway Hobby Co in China the DF65 has been an instant hit and to date (early 2016) there are over 12,000 boats out there sailing and racing. 

Please click on the photo of the DF65 for more information on the class.

Please note: The extra large A+ sails and rig are NOT allowed when racing in our Fiesta/Victoria/DF65 class. 

DF65 Rules >

International One Metre (IOM)

The International One Metre  (IOM) is one of the most popular RC Racing yacht classes in the World and is raced in over 30 Countries Worldwide. Although Carbon fibre is allowed in the construction of the Fin and Rudder, construction of the hull must be of either wood or Glass fibre. This makes the class very popular for the amateur builder and most of the professional builders have plans and kits for home completion.

Please click on the photo of the IOM for more information on the class.

IOM Rules >


The Joysway Dragonflite 95, or DF95 for short, is a new "plug and play" 950mm Sailboat designed by RC sailors expressly for racing in all conditions This RC sailboat project follows on the success of the Joysway Dragon Force DF65.

Please click on the photo of the DF95 for more information on the class.

DF95 Rules >


The handicap racing normally comprises a variety of  yachts which fit into one of the classes listed above. Depending on conditions the yachts will race around different length courses, with the faster yachts having to sail further than the slower yachts. This makes for some interesting finishes!

Schooner         "The Last"

Schooner "The Last"

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