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Fast Electric


We have a very active section who build and race fast electric boats. These are organised into five groups; four competition groups Club500, F600B, Wacky Races, Mono1 and Run What Ya Brung which is an informal gathering on race days. In addition to organised racing activities fast electric boats of all descriptions are run throughout the season.

Competitors are awarded points at each of the season's race meetings, which are counted towards the Club Championships. Trophies are awarded for the Championship winners and runners up at the end of the year.

Please select the News & Events page from the menu above for dates and times of Fast Electric races.

Group Description

Additional information about the four groups can be found below, together with links to rules and results. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see some exciting videos of Fast Electrics boats in action.


Previous years results can be found in the archive.


Wildlife & Fast Electric - Rules


1)   Wildlife has priority at all times

2)   Slow down and stop to avoid collision

3)   No overtaking in proximity to wildlife

Failure to obey these rules will attract a

minimum penalty of .................................. 1 Lap

Persistent infringements ....... Disqualification



Moulded in high impact styrene Club500 is intended to offer a low cost, medium speed boat suitable for general use or for one-class club racing.

CLUB 500

The F600B class has been designed and developed by the Club as a faster boat when compared to the Club500.

F600B 1.jpg
Wacky Races

A Fast Electric competition race class. In this class only the battery power, race course, and the race time of 5 minutes are specified. Any hull with any electric motor can be used.

This makes the class suitable for many small boats including some commercially available Ready To Run models.

Wacky Racer.jpg
Mono 1

The fastest electric competition class we race at MTMBC. Only the battery power, race course and race time of 6 minutes are specified. Any mono hull with any motor can be used.

Run What Ya Brung

An opportunity for members to run fast electric boats of any type in an informal setting among similar minded members. Decide on the day if you want to test, race or just run your boat. The format will be entirely up to the members taking part.

Mono 1 May '21

Mono 1 May '21

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